Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Justin's birthday cake

This was Justin's cake last year. He just wanted starts (extra icing) so I decided to do it in different colors)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Playing around with fondant cut outs. These were also made with homemade marshmallow fondant.

Mom's wedding cake

Mom wanted a flourless chocolate cake with cream colored roses. I don't have a good picture of the top of the cake but it was covered with 60+ royal icing Victorian roses.

Flower cupcakes

These cupcakes I made and I took to class to show my students some of the flowers they would learn in course 2. I love getting to make cupcakes with the grass.

Marshmallow fondant

These cupcakes are really simple but they were made with homemade marshmallow fondants. The designs are really basic as I had Eva, my lovely 3 1/2 year old assistant :) This is my first attempt at home made fondant. It was a lot of work but it was really yummy.

Fondant cut out letter, more chocolate

This cake was done for Angelique's birthday. Its a chocolate flourless cake (really, really yummy), then covered in chocolate and finished of with come small fondant cut outs. I also played around with painting the fondant with an edible glitter, liquor mix. I still have a lot of work before I get it all to work out.

Chocolate Ganache cake

For mom's birthday she wanted a all chocolate cake, chocolate cake, chocolate filling, chocolate icing, covered in chocolate. So, this is my first attempt at chocolate ganache.

It was also a good cake to use one of my fun pans for. This fill pan has a big cavity on both halves so you can fill the cake with ice cream or anything else you want. You end up with a nice cake to filling ratio. (The betty crocker icing was not used for this cake (or any of my cakes) Justin just likes to put it on any reject cakes or left over pieces.)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

2 tier rose wedding cake

I did this cake for a surprise wedding reception for a friend of the family.

Gift box cake


This cake I did for Lili's first birthday. Mostly I did this cake for her because I wanted an excuse to buy this fun pan. I put way too much icing on it which is why the eye started to get a little droppy.

Lighting Mc Queen

This cake I did for Luca's birthday. This was my first character cake. It was time consuming but fun to do.

Super Heros

For his birthday Sebastian wanted a super heroes cake, he didn't want one super hero but a bunch of them. So, here is what I did.


These are some of the color flow iced cookies I had done in the past year.

Monster cupcakes

I did these with some of the kids I babysit for. We had a ton of fun making the little monster cupcakes.

I have done these a few times now.


I did this cake for Susanne's birthday. She like bright colors, and loves tulips. So, orange tulips did the trick.

This was my first experiment with painting on the cake with food coloring.

Pointsettias cake

This one I did for a family Christmas get together. I really love poinsettias so I decided to make it look like a wreath.

Thanksgiving cake and cookies

I really enjoy making cookies. I love getting to decorate them and have done tons of them in the past year. This one was a fun cookie for thanksgiving. The body is color flow icing and the rest if butter cream.

I had seen a similar cake online and wanted to try it out for thanksgiving. The feathers are made of fondant and the turkey is made of chocolate icing. The rest is all butter cream icing.

Floral multi color cakes

This one was a welcome back cake for some great people I know who were gone for a few weeks. They are big Cardinal fans so that's the color scheme I went with.

This "client" had very specific requests for her 3rd birthday cake. She wanted a light blue cake with blue, yellow, orange and red flowers. So, that is what I did :) It was a lot of fun to let her pick what she wanted and get to see it come together.

Daisy birthday cake

This one was made for one of the girls I babysit for. I wanted to up bright colors and simple flower so it wouldn't compete with the fondant letters.

House warming cake

This is a cake I did for a housewarming party earlier this year.

The flowers are all butter cream and the house is made of fondant.

Welcome to my cake page

I have enjoyed baking for as long as I can remember. In the past year I have started to learn a lot more about decorating and I am now a Wilton Method Instructor. I have recently found that I really, really enjoy making cakes.
I have done many birthday cakes for family and friends and have a few wedding cakes coming up later this year.
I've decided to take the advice of my friends and start a blog with my cakes.
I am interested in starting to sell my cakes so, if you need a cake or know someone who does please let me know.

Larissa :)