Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snow flake cookie pops

I love baking cookies and have really gotten into the holiday spirit this year. These are some of the cookie pops I made yesterday. I will post more cookies as I make them/remember to take pictures before giving them away.

Habitat For Humanity

A while ago grandma asked me if I would be willing to make a cake to donate to a Habitat event she was helping out it. The cake was a basic yellow cake with buttercream and covered in fondant. You can't tell by the picture but the cake is 19x13 and took 3 lbs of fondant to cover it.
It took a lot longer than I was thinking it would but I am happy with how it turned out

Sebastian's starwars cake

Sebastian has been into starwars for a couple years now. Last year we did a Starwars Lego cake in the lego colors. This year he asked for a similar cake in green. The cake it self is a vanilla buttermilk cake, iced in butter cream, details are fondant.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kate's birthday cake

Kate is one of the awesome 12 kids I have the pleasure of babysitting. For her birthday this year she decided she wanted to celebrate at a horse farm, so when it came to the cake we decided to have horses on it as well. The cake is self is chocolate with vanilla butter cream. The cake is covered in fondant, the details are also fondant with some pearl dust.

Jane's first art show

I have known Jane and Howard for a few years now. Howard is an awesome sculptor you can see his amazing wood work here.
His wife, Jane, has really gotten into photography lately and had her first show recently. We are really excited to get some of her prints to decorate the second bedroom with.
Howard requested a simple yellow cake with chocolate butter cream. The details are fondant.

Mom's cupcakes

Mom became an US Citizen a couple weeks ago! We are really excited and of course had to celebrate. I decided to go against going a big flag cake as she doesn't like fondant and made these cupcakes instead. This was one of 3 projects I had that weekend.