Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Brasil :)

Mom's birthday was a couple weeks ago right before we went on our road trip so we got to celebrate it this past weekend. (I did make her request: guiness cupcakes with bailey's icing, on her actual birthday) As the world cup has finally started it was an easy decision to make a Brasilian flag cake! The first Brasil game isn't until this afternoon but we'll celebrate soccer all month long! The cake it self was a buttermilk cake with butter cream icing. This is the first cake out of a new cook book I got. I plan on baking my way through the whole cook book but I will post about that on my other blog: http://larissasnewexperiences.blogspot.com/
Yes, I did count all the stars, they are purposely different sizes and as close to in the right location and I could get.

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